Wednesday, March 4, 2009

the adventure of miss thrifty....

ok so i have like an obsession with thrift stores. Well first off i went to platos closet and brought in like 6 bags of clothes and got like some money which with i bought a hollister tank top... their sooo pathetic their that they only took 6 items from 6 bags AHHHHHH. Anyways so i really don't know what ta do with the rest of my clothes.. theirs no room in my closet lmfaoo and like i also went to crossroads trading co and they took four things. I got 20.00 store credit their and bough a pink by victoria scert hoodie, a primp zip up (paris hilton wears primp too... oh my) and an abercrombie shirt. Anyways i might take the rest to my sisters closet and hopefully people will buy it. Seee thier policy is they pay you 2 months later and thats if your stuff is sold. Ahh im too lazy to go their, but that store is amazing. I would go to unique but they onyl take donation and i DONT wanna do that. So yeahhh. I have some good stuff but i dont wnat it anymore (: Like forever 21 Nicole miller, juicy, hollister, abercrombie, and shit like that. I sold a pair of seychelle shoes that i knew they would take in like .42 seconds and was happy to know they were gonna sell em for 10 bucks.. wooohoo but i only got 3.50 off of it =/ anyways tooodleees

happy sailinggg,


Missy said...

If you're ever in the Boston area check out Dollar Pound at the Garment District. They give you a huge strong plastic bag. Fill it up and it's a dollar per pound. Real good quality clothes!