Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Sorry i havent been on in so long... my computer broke and i am in the process of getting the new sony laptop that weighs like 1.4 pounds in birght red. But it doesnt come out till feb. 3rd and i still have to wait for it to be delivered to my house (since my mom oredered it.) newaysss

heres an update of what happened in the past month. (:

I finished my first semester of my 2nd year of college I am taking four classes this next semester starting monday when my vacation ends =/ I am majoring in computers.
The new song right round by flo rida is a hawt ass song.. you must listen to it (=
I lost another job but not for bad reasons. Change in schedule thats all.
I really wanna go to nyc again........... and i have an extra 2400 dollars from all my savings bonds (=
I saw marley and me which was mad cute and i bawled at the end (;
my grandfather was in the hospital for a week cause he had a clogged artery in his heart and needed surgery.
My friend who got married engaged november 2007 at age 18 and then got married february 2008 age 19 just had twin girls in the beginning of december shes 19 and turned 20 at the end of december. They are adorable thank god. Yumm :D

I have a new myspace accolunt dedicated to premade pictures that i editywith photofiltre and the new photoshop cs3 that i got for free :X

I currently am obseessed with the first die hard movie that i saw yesterday with my freind esti and we are continuing with starting the 2nd one tinite at 6pm wooohoo

babysitting now till 230pm then off to the mall with shana ILU <3

Wanna see paul blart mall cop.... go to freemovies.net. (;

I lost weight and am now happy with my body YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!

xoxo, Dont worry be happy


Missy said...

Come back!!!!!