Wednesday, March 4, 2009

this is my obsessionnnnn...

Ok everyone im back for good now and here to stay on this beloved blogger site (:
Yess missy from just another stupid blog IM BAACK (: <3
anyways so my current obsessions include
*red velvet cake or cupcakes*
*thrift stores*
My current movie obsessions include
*the boy in the striped pajamas*
(i bawled at the end)
(which i havent seen yet but wanna)

whats your obsession?
Comment this blog

oh im not going to be on till later cause i have to work, babysit and pick up my dogs dog food. Peaceeee and ill bbl



Missy said...

I talked about Coraline a couple of days back on my blog. I haven't had red velvet cake yet but the last time I went to Starbucks they had the cupcakes!

What am I obsessed with at the moment? My new Ipod Touch and finding a job.