Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wedding bells !!!!

My friend Caryn is engaged !!!!!!! Lol actually she got engaged last Sunday (=. But um anyways i went to a get together last nite till 11:30 pm at her house 4 doors down (;. It was great! Between the nerdy guys and the cute guys eyeballing me and the delish tri color pasta salad and dessert bar & at least half a dozen people i had no clue existed on this lovely planet, it was an evening to remember WITHOUT the pics. (i lack my own camera =/)

ILU Caryn aka shooshoo & your mom is adorable but i still have yet to realize that even though im over their every saturday.

Hilariousss Mrs. Keefe your amazinggly freking adorablee...... etc.... ;P

Congrats Shooshoo & Aaron !!! Cutest couple ever OFFICIALY (=

Oh and thank god im done with my fuckinnng english paper. That bitch of an english teacher makes me wanna strangle her with a passion.

Peaceeee and looove <3