Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chanukah Partiesss (=

The greaaat holiday of Chanukah is coming up & i have about 4 parties to go too.
Lets see....
This Thursday theirs a professiona hair stylist coming to the Shoppe **SIDEPOINT**
This Saturday is a Party at my school.
This Sunday is a party at my work where you can score free loot and get discounts (=
Also this Sunday is a party at a friend of mines house starting at 3:30 pm till whenever. HOMEMADE LATKESS ROCK!!!! (he makes greatt food!!!!)
Then maybe next Thursday a party at my bosses house!! I DONT HAVE SCHOOL THENN!!!!
I have to get gifts for everyone of my freinds and hoepfully will recive some as well.
Happy Early Chanukah!!
Let the dreidel spin....