Tuesday, October 28, 2008

In a second your life can change....

So yesterday as i was walking across the street from school this guy was turning so as i crossed the street he floooooored the gas pedal of his car and nearly hit me before i moved out of the way of the mere two inches that seperated my body from his car. The woman in the car with him had her hand over her mouth which was hanging open in shock. So through the closed window i yelled stupid F**ker and then he rolled on. I basically walked the next 50 feet to my car in a state of shock and a sense of relief that god was with me and it wasn't my time to die. Thank god. because in a moment your life can change.

Glad to be alive.
Mwa Mwa,


Missy said...

My God, that was a close call.
I almost got hit while in London 2 years ago. I was stepping off the curb and was about to get hit.
My friend pulled me back real fast. It was my first day and I'm so used to looking in a certain direction.