Thursday, October 30, 2008

19 and almost married..... and other shenanigans

So tonight i am going to my friends wedding at around 5:30 cause its a shlep to get to the place. Well i am NOT driving thank god but my friend Rebbecca or her mother are. The place is where everyone that is Jewish does their wedding basically cause its cheaper than like the Hilton or the Palmer House. Anyways shes the first girl in our class to get married and theirs another one in our class getting married November 30. She is also 19 ;)

I am looking forward to tonight a lot!!!! Only 45 more minutes till Rebecca picks Moi up.

Update: So yeah that guy that was stalking me like a month ago wrote me an email which made him seem like an even bigger stalker. He basically wants to marry me... DREAM ON MORON!!!!! Message me if you want the full story cause i am not in the mood to write it all cause its creepy as hell and put me in a bad mood today. The jist of the story was he knew everything like how i LOVE pizza and cheese fries, that i drive a dodge neon, i love pink lip gloss, i wear pumas and other creepy stuff. Maybe i will post the letter up if i am in the mood.

Verdict: Dammmmn i have a paper due tomorrow and i didn't finish it yet... ohh welll. It is what it is. ;P

Anyways toodles everyone & Mazal Tov Shani & Eli !!!!!