Tuesday, October 28, 2008

12 year old sunglass snatcher and a cupcake charm on top

So anyways this week has been so hectic. From school to friends to just odd happenings.. speaking of odd happenings... i was in Claire's on Sunday and surprise surprise their were two cops in their questioning to what looked like to me a 12 year old girl who had stolen sunglasses from the store and walked off with them on her head, even though she had money in her purse as she told the clerk. She also apparently gave a fake name and credit card or some shenanigan like that.

Verdict: What has the world come to these days and why do these kids seem younger and younger and are doing worse and worse things. (Jamie Lynn being preggers AGAIN is a whole other story) Im sure that the parents of the kid could care less days and most likely shrug it of after a day and pretend like it never happened. My parents would KILLL me if i stole from Claire's which lemme tell you its tempting even if you have money on you (;

Outcome: At least i got an adorable cupcake phone charm for $3.50 which is hanging off my teal juke phone and i actually paid for it.

Bye Bye,