Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kira Plastinina ... 16 year old designer


Kira Plastinina is a 16 year old fashion designer from Russia. She currently resides in Los Angeles where one of her offices are located. She has over 30 stores all over the world including stores in Russia, California & New Jersey. Her fashion line targets girls ages 12-20 and prices start at around $28.00 (excluding jewelry and accessories). Her look is fun, flirty, feminine and intimidating and of course a whole lot of pink is included !!!!. I have seen her stores and they look really really cute & very appealing . 

The Kira Plastinina site is very adoable and has loads of cute stuff on it. You can become a VIP member on her site and get wallpapers, cursors, and other fun stuff in just 4 easy steps; FREE of course!!!!

Happy Shopping
Love [PINK],


Missy said...

She makes me feel lazy.