Friday, October 3, 2008

Princess Charming is on her way.....

So your all probably wondering what Princess Charming is. Well honestly it's just a name yours truly made up. (= I'm sure you have probably heard it around if not then you know now. So after I thought of this name i googled it believe it or not cause that's just me, & what came up was OPI nail lacquer [Who i hope to god everybody who is reading this blog has heard of cause they only make the BEST nail polish ever!!] which has a collection called Princess Charming. I couldn't be too disappointed but i was somewhat upset but not to the point where I'd break the heel of a Manalo in half. Anyways the point of this site is basically just so my imagination can be set free down the path to where my Prince Charming awaits in his castle. So relax, breath & enjoy the ride on the horse drawn carriage. Maybe you'll meet a Prince along the way, you never know in a fairy tale world.

Just to be on the safe side i have just
googled Princess Charming and OPI nail lacquer did not come up. ): I don't know why cause the princess for sure didn't lie. Try looking on the OPI site:


Missy said...

I might have to pick up a bottle.