Friday, October 10, 2008

Tragic News..

My friend Allie had a stroke last week... she's 17. I found out about it today when i was talking to her on aim cuz she is thank god back from the hospital. She is having really bad headaches ao i talked to her for like only 10 mins. People have been bugging her with im's so she had to get off.. aside from her head throbbing.

I pray to GOD that she will get better ASAP because she is definately not ready to be taken form this earth. 

ILU Allie Mwa

Here is an excerpt from our aim conversation. 
* The blue is my friend Allie. I have deliberately left out her aim for privacy issues. She doesn't need any more problems. & the red is obviously me. 

jUiCY kUture x (1:09:43 PM): ur sick again
(1:10:04 PM): uh i might need brain surgery
jUiCY kUture x (1:10:06 PM): u were in the hospital
(1:10:08 PM): iv been a mess
jUiCY kUture x (1:10:09 PM): whyyy
jUiCY kUture x (1:10:12 PM): wtff
jUiCY kUture x (1:10:22 PM): wats wrong with your brain
(1:10:29 PM): i had a stroke
(1:10:31 PM): last week
(1:10:35 PM): i was rushed to the hosp
jUiCY kUture x (1:10:36 PM): wtffff
(1:10:43 PM): and like they have been doing tests all week


jUiCY kUture x (1:10:44 PM): yur only 17
(1:10:49 PM): ill know Monday whats wrong
(1:10:50 PM): ya i know everyone is
(1:15:48 PM): idk like
(1:16:05 PM): the doctors in the hosp straight up told me i only have a 50/50 chance to live
(1:16:30 PM): because if they don't find anything, its not under their control and i have have another stoke at any time and possibly die
(1:16:30 PM): OR
(1:16:37 PM): if they find something, and i have brain surgery
(1:16:47 PM): its not gaurenteed for me to live
(1:16:51 PM): because its a major surgery
jUiCY kUture x (1:16:52 PM): do you think like yu have a disease
jUiCY kUture x (1:16:55 PM): OMG
(1:17:00 PM): i have no idea
(1:17:04 PM): this week has just been hell
(1:17:09 PM): im loosing hope like
(1:17:10 PM): so fast
jUiCY kUture x (1:17:13 PM): i dont want you to die
(1:17:15 PM): my families a wreck
(1:17:18 PM): my friends are a wreck
(1:17:27 PM): my boyfriend has been with me this whole week hes scared to leave my side