Friday, October 10, 2008

I wanna gift bag.....

I really really want a gift bag... but since i am not star status and i don't have a 3 page list of rich friends, i have decided to let my mind wonder... vicariously. Here's what i came up with. 
Cause a girl can dream can't she?! 

Juicy Couture Sweatsuit (5 sets) (i have 4 bit i want MORE)
Magnolia Bakery coupon for 2 dozen cupcakes (yummm) 
True Religion Swarovski crystal studded jeans (3 pairs)
Me & Ro Jewelry (worth $2,500)
Urban Decay Makeup (worth $1,000)
Tanning Package 
1 month supply smart water
Pink Blackberry Curve 
Free Mani & Pedi
Ed Hardy Sunglasses (2 pairs)
5 free Jamba Juice Smoothies
5 Free Pinkberry Yogurts
PINK by VS tank tops & sweats (6 sets)
MAC Makeup (Worth 500.00)
IPOD Touch in PINK
1 pair of Christian Louboutin's =D
1 week getaway at the Atlantis Resort in Nassua Bahamas 
1 week rental for a Bentley Convertible in baby blue please kthanks 
Makeover and Hair Styling by a celebrity stylist
Chanel Nail Lacquer (24 colors) 
Visa Gift Card (worth $1,000)
Nanette Lapore Custom Dress
Tocca Candles (12)
Pick 5 celebrities and raid their closets
Anthropologie Gift Card (worth $2,500)
Etc......... (=

Enjoy!!! and if you have a list you wanna submit comment this blog 

*Air Kisses* Mwa