Friday, October 10, 2008

Last note before i go......

Okay... so in about an hour my holy sabbath starts.  My mom's still not home from work which is not a surprise & my dad has to go to temple. So i guess what i will do is curl up with a good book and then eat my mother's home-cooked food. Anyways so tomorrow i have a soirée to go to  after temple that's in the actual temple itself. It's for a family friends new granddaughter. Funny story bout that though, so like this woman's daughter in law is like very dark but she's not like black she's israeli, her husband which is this woman's son is fair skin, so like when Yael (the daughter in law) had the baby everyone called her mother in law up and asked if the baby was black instead of asking if the baby was healthy and what not. Anyways very random but like tomorrow i think i'm just gonna go read and hang out at Hannah and Caryn's house unless their brothers their and he's not that into girls and no he's not gay just uber religious. Otherwise i'll sit in my living room and read my 2392 library books i took out and i still btw have more to pick up which were on hold. Anyways have a great day everyone and get well soon Allie, your in my prayers.