Friday, October 10, 2008

Barbie & Ken had a baby... his name is Chace

This is Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl he plays Nate Archibald. He is the love-child of Ken & Barbie. (i found a picture of his parents one time..... lalala) Ok so at first i wasn't so into him, but then he kinda grew on me. I swear i was in cloud nine.  I hope to god that if he turns out to be gay i may slit my throat (jk) but i'll be pissed and i will be a devastated widow (hint hint). His baby blue eyes are captivating. Usually i could care less about what color a guy's eyes are but in this case....... it equals YUMMMY.He also has a hot ass body and a uber gorgeous face of perfection. He is definitely gonna be my hubby one day. (bahaha)  Supposedly he's made by Mattel & he's smoking hottt  which i said a lot. 

Sorry if this sounds like a 12 year old Jonas Brothers obsessed fan wrote this with no intention of reading it over. I love how the Jonas Brothers have not a thing to do with this. Looks like somebody has a crush and thank god its not on the Jonas Brothers. Although in US Weekly Nick Jonas got an adorable Golden Retriever puppy as it showed in pictures. Aww how cute.... 

Much love to my biffle Ana a gorgeous barbie doll who also LOVES Chace. 

*Air Kisses* Mwa
The future Mrs. Crawford ;)

UPDATE: According to Penn Badgley who plays Dan Humphrey on GG "I think Chace spends more time in the gym. And Chace is built like a porcelain doll. I don't even know if he bleeds. He might have been crafted by Mattel. He has, like, the teen-idol genome. He's... beautiful."