Monday, March 23, 2009

movie with a message

so as of right now i am in the middle of watching The Time Machine on TBS. The movie has a great message to convey. I didnt watch the very beginning cause i missed ten minutes but i came to the part where the man who then goes to build the time machine is in the park with his girlfriend. She then gets shot by an unknown guy in the park. She dies. Four years later the guy that builds the time machine goes back in time to see his girlfreind again... he decides when she says that she wants to go to the park that they should go to the city instead. There they talk and he runs across the street to get flowers for her... he comes out and sees a commotion.. then he sees his gf lying on the street.. dead... at the same time that she got shot in the park years back. Then the man goes forward in time... he comes to a library where he asks a man why cant he change time? The man simpy says.. because no one is able to go back in time.. he then says but what if they can. Soo i have a feeling he is either gonna find his girlfreind again and she will die or he will try to figure out why no matter how he tries to save her she will have to die no matter how it happens.
The lesson to be learned is you cant change anything... if its meant to happen it will happen... time or place it will happen no matter what. Its not in anyones hands but the hand of god