Monday, October 20, 2008

Should I...... ????

So last week this family friend of ours came over to eat dinner. So there son was with them from out of town where he goes to school. Honestly i thought he was cute, had a very sweet personality and was definitely PERFECT for my friend Jessica.  One problem.... I would LOVE to set them up only i want to remain anonymous on his side cause if it doesn't work out then i don't want to become an arch nemesis to his family. Also their backgrounds are very different need i say more?!

Update: I already told Jessica!!!!!! Although i didn't get a straight answer. 

Prediction: Be persistent because things may work out in the end (=

too be continued till further notice......... cause i'll see his family tuesday so maybe i'll give it a go. 


Rhaingel said...

I am excited to know what's gonna happen next. :)